Andrew Luce


As early as I can remember, I have shown up with excitement and awe in everything I do.  At age 10, I was building go-carts and experimenting with kite designs that would allow them to fly them as high as four rolls of kite string would allow. By age 17, I was curious enough to walk down my driveway with a wrench and take apart the engine of my car to see if I could make it go faster. My curiosity progressed into buying and selling cars, professionally trading stocks and options and buying and selling homes.  In short order, it also lead me to starting many of my own businesses and then starting/running businesses for high net-worth entrepreneurs and start-ups.

My father was a physicist/chemist and my mother & stepfather are rooted in spiritual tradition and higher-level education. In order for me to learn to communicate with everyone, I had to find a way to balance technology, spirituality, human behavior and a business mindset.  Armed with that knowledge, I leveraged those skills to make choices in my own career.  Unexpectedly, merging these worlds of technology and human behavior also offered glimpses into the future of technology and the workplace. My clients now reap the benefit of my creativity, inspiration and experience as I deliver solutions with a balanced, targeted and multi-faceted approach.

Throughout my life, I have honed my own unique sensitivities to intuition and strive to limit the impact of biases that may effect my decision making. I focus on advanced methods of creating clarity, progress and harmony for my clients so that they can reach their own success goals.

Businesses that I started for
high net-worth entrepreneurs

Oftentimes, top entrepreneurs have more than one good idea and need help to implement and capture the opportunity while it exists. In other circumstances, the founders choose to focus on sales, marketing, and public relations for the business and need someone to completely run all operations, hire all the people, and so on.

My clients hire me to help them to see the things that they cannot and then use that information as a basis for building a better plan for a more comprehensive and focused future. While in many cases it is absolutely critical to specialize in your own particular field of endeavor, it is a dangerous platform from which to make decisions if that is your only source of data.

Don’t let these biases influence your thinking
make decisions based on more than only what you know.

Here are a few of the businesses that I started myself and then sold or merged with other companies

There are many reasons that I have started businesses. In most cases it was because I found myself at the intersection of meaningful changes in technology and “the way things have always been done”. In these scenarios, I found that there is the highest probability of adoption and the ability to charge top pricing since the expertise does not commonly exist yet. Many businesses and clients race to adopt for fear of missing out. (FOMO)


Founded one of the first Silicon Valley interactive web development businesses. Voted as top interactive company in Silicon Valley Business Journal.


Business created that focused on service and sales into the networking and computer hardware and cell phone integration business. Remote service people out in the field.


One of the early integrated branding, advertising, web design and public relations firms in Northern California. 13 designers and 200+ employees with 35+ million in billing revenue.


Business created that addressed the painful need to split up photos and videos when families go through divorce or a passing relative by duplicating entire collections.


Holding company that secured rights from Korean manufacturer for the first integrated multi-monitor computer system. Consulted on the first laptop that folded in half twice!


Video Production company founded to address the chasm between videotape and digital production for the web. In total was doing business in Silicon Valley for 20 years.

I also was a Professional Equity Options Trader on
the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange for 12 Years

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