Deleon Realty

Ken Deleon quote “I want to open my own Real Estate Brokerage”.

From the ground up we built a completely new Brand Footprint, including logo, office space, signs for homes and a-frame street signs. Launched the brand using the term “Real Real Estate” to explain how real estate should be driven by the needs of the clients, not the needs of the broker. We created and launched an entirely new brokerage firm – Deleon Realty.

After launching the business, I helped recruit staff for Deleon Realty (I personally walked top agents with their box of desk items in hand, some with 200M in sales, from competitor firms over to our firm in the middle of the night) and Deleon Realty became the #1 Real Estate Team in the USA just two years later.

Developed objectives, timelines, and budgets, full office build-out and construction, integrated a full back office system and delegated work plans for Deleon Realty to support Ken’s goal of growing a winning firm.

Let’s be clear, Ken gets the full accolades for everything I am about to say. I was there beside him, building the team, building the brand and many times offering moral support, messaging suggestions and staff stability. 

While working together independently for Ken Deleon to rebrand the marketing and the website, Ken quickly realized the power of the partnership and asked me to:

• Manage the launch of Deleon Realty

• Develop the entire brand (from signs, to messaging, to press and social media),

• Hire and screen many of the initial employees

• Manage the infrastructure of all things tech and software to run operations and financials

• Assume full responsibility for the entire build-out of the constructions and furnishings of the new office space in Palo Alto CA.

During the time that I was with Ken and his initial team, Ken became the #1 Residential Real Estate in the USA, represented the buyer of the 1st 100 million dollar home on record, and within three years of launching Deleon Realty, with the help of others that came after me, Deleon Realty became #1 in the USA as well.

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