Tuxedo Hudson Realty

Create and run an Elite Real Estate Brokerage Agency in an already established market in Tuxedo Park, New York.

Tuxedo Hudson Realty was created and we achieved 22 listings in the first 90 days.

Tuxedo Hudson had record sales growth over the next few years in the Valley.

Tuxedo Hudson Realty became known as the most innovative real estate firm in New York’s Orange County with hundreds of magazine and online articles, newspapers, and road-side billboards.

Developed objectives, timelines, and budgets, and delegated work plans for  Tuxedo Hudson Realty, the High- End Boutique Real Estate Agency in New York’s Orange County.

I worked directly with Michael Bruno, founder of 1stdibs.com (sold to venture firm); the nations leading lifestyle website for all things antique and interior design. After meeting through a mutual friend, Michael invited me to come to the New York area to create and manage the launch of four simultaneous companies. One of these companies was Tuxedo Hudson Realty.

  • Full Service Real Estate Brokerage firm www.tuxedohudsonrealty.com that grabbed 22 listings in the first 3 months of operations.

Learn more about Loomis Labs below:

There is an incredible story about the history of Tuxedo Park and Loomis Labs. I encourage you to learn more below:

In the 1930s, nearly every leading scientist in America visited a private laboratory in Tuxedo Park.

Alfred Loomis made millions on Wall Street, then went on to develop the technology that helped win WWII.

The History of Loomis Labs – Tuxedo Park  The Lab at Tower House

The Secret of Tuxedo Park

Tycoon Turned Scientist

In the fall of 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered a small team of scientists on a clandestine transatlantic mission to deliver his country’s most valuable military secret — a revolutionary radar component — not to the U.S. government, but to a mysterious Wall Street tycoon, Alfred Lee Loomis. Using his connections, his money, and his brilliant scientific mind, Loomis and his team of scientists developed radar technology that would arguably play a more decisive role than any other weapon in the war.

In the 1930s, the exclusive enclave of Tuxedo Park in Orange County, New York was home to some of America’s oldest, wealthiest families — and one of the most mysterious, cutting-edge laboratories in the country. A Wall Street tycoon with a passion for science, Alfred Loomis built the Loomis Laboratory — nicknamed “Tower House” — on the grounds of his estate to conduct his own research and enable that of others. In so doing, he created what Albert Einstein called a “palace of science,” where the greatest minds from around the world came to work and exchange ideas. Were you lucky enough to earn an invitation, here are some of the people you might have run into in the halls of Tower House.

These are the men who visited what Albert Einstein called a “palace of science” — a lab where the greatest scientists from around the world came to work and exchange ideas

Changing Tribes