Learn, focus, educate. Shape your brain and your business. Free yourself.

Since 2003, Changing Tribes has been working with business owners and individuals to assist companies that are trying to make positive change in the world. A large part of what we do is to create content and media that is directly supportive of Changing careers, moving from one place to another and even for children who are relocating to a new place. The upcoming surge of artificial Intelligence and machine learning has the potential to derail many of the careers that people have trained and been educated for.  Our goal is to create products and services, including audio books, audio downloads, music sound series and informative written products in the form of printed books and downloadable content that supports people as they go through their own journey while trying to traverse the ongoing onslaught of technology now pervasive in society.

Education Leads to Innovation.

Great teachers throughout time have been keenly aware of the need for forward thinking educational programs. Changing Tribes creates highly customizable media and content that adapts to the needs of a changing world. Our educational products, books and children’s support media all serves the greater good in providing tangible tools for managing a changing environment.

Changing Tribes, a privately held educational media company, was founded in August 2002 by Andrew J. Luce, who also served as chief executive officer of Content Creators and its subsidiaries. Through Mr. Luce’s technology company, Changing Tribes has been positively supported primarily to develop and commercialize educational change-based media and technology. The process produces renewable content used in a multitude of areas including games, audio downloads, music, books and multi-media.

Changing Tribes endeavors to create a portfolio of intellectual property and trade secrets covering the technology and its various applications in change-direction. The company sells it’s products and services in the United States and all over world.